I just sold my d700 and I’m getting a d90.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the full frame, weather sealed pro level d700. I will also miss the dedicated controls and the ISO performance, but I have some plans in development that require some more cash and a lighter camera. That is for a future post though.

I have owned 2 d90 bodies at separate times. They served their intended purpose and were sold. I didn’t think the same would happen to the nicer, full frame camera, but it did. I will own another full frame camera. I just don’t know when and I don’t really need it now.

Furthermore, there is a financial incentive here. The d90 has reached the bottom of its depreciation curve, I think. It can be had used for under $500. That is a steal for that type of capability. It also deleverages me, frees up some cash for other projects, and allows me to take risks that I would avoid with the full frame monster.

I have used this strategy with great success: buy good quality, used equipment. Often times in bulk, always at rock bottom prices. Keep what I want – or what I think I want – and sell everything else at top dollar. This also allowed me to move through pro bodies quit quickly and at little cost to me. I never thought I would use the same formula to walk my way back down the gear ladder though.

The spread between the d90 price and the d700 price will pay for an upcoming trip with Katie. And that’s the whole point: why own top-of-the line gear if you can’t afford to travel with it?

I would rather have a thick portfolio and a well worn passport instead of a heavy camera bag. To me, that’s an upgrade worth making.


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