Jessie is going home

Sometimes, we are presented with opportunities that we would be stupid to walk away from.

When the dust had settled after David duChemin’s accident in Italy and it became clear that so many prayers were answered regarding his recovery, I started flirting with the idea of taking Jessie, his right hand drive Defender 90, back home to him.  The idea was out of reach, I thought.  Sure, I had met David, but I doubted he would remember or care about who I was.  And then there was the whole delivery of Jessie thing.  David had outfitted the Defender for overland travel, sold or stored most of his worldly possessions, and moved what was left into a vehicle with only a 92 inch wheelbase.  To think that he would trust me with what was left of his “stuff” was kind of unthinkable.

I took the shot though.  I reached out to David with a vague plan and a promise to deliver.  To my astonishment, he agreed!  I spent several weeks arranging the ever-moving puzzle pieces.  The goal was for a expeditious trip that was also cost-effective.  I secured a truck, a trailer, some local volunteer photographers and friends – with immaculate driving records, mind you – and now it is go time.

My buddy Matthew Druin and I will be documenting the trip via our blogs and, of course, twitter.  We’ll use the hashtag #jessietrip to track our progress.  Join us.  Keep us company.  Keep us awake!

As a long time Land Rover fanatic and an almost successful photographer,  this is an opportunity, a little mini adventure that I just couldn’t walk away from.


3 responses to “Jessie is going home

  • Morgana

    It’s a great thing that you’re doing. Wishing you well for the trip. 🙂

  • David duChemin

    I’m super grateful Vasily. Can’t wait to see the photos of the trip 🙂 Thank you so much.

  • Jonelle Louw

    Ohhh… Vasily!! I am soooo jealous!

    Wish I could join you on this journey with Jessie. I really admire David duChemmin, his photography but more so his inspiration and willpower. Being in South Africa it’s going to be a little difficult to join you but I’ll definitely keep an eye on fb and your blog.

    Hubby and me also have a Landy so there is not much explanation needed when talking about a Defender… We love life and photography, together with our Landy like nothing else.

    We don’t really have a name for our Landy like Jessie has, but it is titled “Real Magical Journeys” which we came up with from the license plate – RMJ.

    So there is three things keeping me hooked here; 1. Jessie 2. David and 3. You whose helping out a fellow photographer getting his wheels back – and not those from the wheelchair!

    Good luck and ENJOY!!

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